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Examples of Standard Kennels

A Standard Kennel

A Deluxe Kennel

A Family Kennel

A Large Family Kennel

A Large Family Kennel

Our kennels are located in our garden

 looking out on to a bird garden

where we encourage the birds to come and feed

to entertain the cats 


The Kennels have a separate sleeping area with various levels and hideaways for the shy cats

and an adjoining play area with scratch posts, tree trunks

toys and different levels to sit, climb or jump on,all under cover.


We have standard kennels, deluxe kennels and large family kennels one with an outside balcony area which has proved very popular for the cats that like to lay in the sun.


All kennels are individually heated

we have music playing to help create a calming atmosphere


The roof is opal translucent polycarbonate, the windows facing the garden are clear solid polycarbonate

uv protected sheeting giving maximum natural daylight.

This keeps the cats warm in winter and other cold days

the windows are remove once the weather warms up

 to give the cats plenty of fresh air.

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