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Bookings are not confirmed

until we receive your completd booking form

and your deposit




You can park your car on or over our driveway 

but please don't park over our neighbours drives


Go to side gate and ring the bell.  

We will answer as soon as possible

but  might take a couple of minutes as we will probably be in the cattery 


We will help you make your cat(s) comfortable in their kennel


We will go through your booking form with you

to make sure we have understood your requirements

and that nothing has changed and nothing has been misunderstood.


While going through your form we will ask you

when your cat was last flea'd and the product you used.  

If there is any problem we will discuss this with you.


We will ask to see their vet annual booster card

showing that the annual boosters are up to date.


We will discuss any medication requirements

as well as anything you might need us to keep an eye on while they are with us.


We will discuss their food requirements.


We will confirm with you your collection date and time.

Finally we require balance of payment

which can be cheque, cash or on line payment

We can store your carriers if required


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